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My Christmas Holliday

 On Christmas santa droped sume presos.

I came down at 11:00 santa had'ont brort the presons yet.

I sadly went up stares and went bake to sleep in bed.

I woke up and went down staresand wattid for my familly.

Next we sat down and  opned are pressents I got a cinddel .

Going back to school

I will see you at school.


On Christmas day my  brother ,Ruben woke me up.I raced him down stairs .I gasped.Santa had come!!First i had taost.Next i got books,books and more bookssmiley .For  lunch we had lamb.


I had lots of fun during Rio week. I played with my friends.It was cool.I was colouring a flag .

The christmas Holidays

On Christmas day i woke up at 6.oo am and came and woke my brother up and i saw in our stocking and they were full.For Christmas i got some light up shoes.A selfie mic were i plug my phone into it and i sing into it.I also got some David Walliams book and some Jakealien willson books to.I also got a new phone and a new makeup bag.I also got some new games like cauch me if you can and uno wild jackpot and i heartthem.I also got a new teddy for Christmas called Ruby the Raindeer.   

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